Bag Accessories Options

Strapped Handle These handles run down the length of the bag so you can safely carry heavy loads. 
PP Baseboard Durable, water-resistant plastic inserts offer even greater strength for those heavy shopping loads.
Eyelets These small metal rings punched into the fabric stop it from tearing. They can reinforce the handles – and also allow you to hang bags up for display. 
Bond Seam Additional stitching at the seams to ensure your bag does not rip apart. 
Cardboard Baseboard These cardboard inserts provide firm support for the bag base. They are covered by non-woven fabric (choice of colours) – and are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Dual Fabric Layer Two layers of fabric are stitched together to give the bags extra strength, tear-resistance and durability.

Reinforced Handle Because these handles are cross-stitched to the bag, they will not rip or become detached.

Die Cut Personalise your bags by having us cut them into unique shapes. That way, they will really stand out from the rest.

Rope Handles Give your bag a stylish look with these coloured rope handles! Besides looking smart, they are also very sturdy and hard-wearing.

PVC Windows Thanks to a clear and transparent waterproof window on your bag, you can put the goodies inside on display.


Pockets We can add pockets to hold anything from business cards to mobile phones or small containers. A great way to keep your bag tidy and belongings accessible.


Tag Attached tags to your bags to convey additional information - and give an extra push to your message or image.

Fabric Choice Why not give your bag a fantastic designer look by using two different coloured fabrics? We can even feature handles with different fabrics to that of the bag.

Zipper Fasterner With a quality zipper, you can be sure that your belongings are kept safely inside your bag.

Press Studs Both components of our press studs are firmly attached to the bag fabric for a secure fastening. Small, unobtrusive and convenient.

Velcro Fastener Velcro's hook and loop fabrics offer you the advantages of a firm and secure fastening - and convenient access at all times.

Drawstrings A single tug and you have closed your bag with the drawstring - which you then use to carry it. Long-life durability and strength.

Specially-Positioned Printing We can print your images and/or logos in any position on your bag - including the front, sides, handles or even on the baseboard.