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What is a Non-woven Polypropylene Bag?

A non-woven polypropylene bag or ‘Green Bag' is a durable, reusable and environmentally friendly bag first made known in Australia through Coles supermarket branches. Some other common names include: Non-woven P.P. Bag, Non-woven Fabric Bag and Non-woven Spun bond Bag.


Does the bag come in different qualities? 

Bags come in different thicknesses ranging from 70 – 120gsm, with a thicker bag being stronger and more durable. However while some manufactures choose to use grade C materials to cut production costs thus leaving products as weak as plastic bags, Green-Pac ensures only the best materials are used prior to production to maintain our high standards of quality.


 How competitive are your prices?

Our prices are already very competitive as they’re sourced directly without the aid of a middleman or manufactured ourselves. However, if you spot any prices lower than ours, let us know and we’ll try to price-match if possible.

Can I print full colour on the bag? 

Yes, we have two different printing methods to print full colour image on the bag: Heat transfer print (minimum 3000units) and Digital laminated print (minimum 10000units). 


What's the lead-time for your products? 

All our stock products can be delivered to you in the next business day. (Please check the stock availability before ordering) and the standard turnaround time for custom-made bag s are 6-9 weeks (2-3 weeks express service available on request).

 Can I pay extra for express delivery?

Yup! Contact our customer service team for more information on how we can get those products to you in record speed.


What artwork format do you need? 

GREENPAC offers free artwork adjustments or if you do not have your finished artwork, you can just send us your logo or any other graphics in high-resolution digital format and our design team will create a mock up your approval.


Can I provide my own bag design? 

Yes, we can custom-make bags in any design so please feel free to contact our team.


Can I have some samples? 

We only provide sample for custom made order, please feel free to contact us for our samples. 

What is the payment method? 

We accept Direct Deposit and Credit Card payment (2% surcharges apply for credit card payment).

Do you have a guarantee policy?
GREENPAC is dedicated to making all our customer happy. But there are just some things we can’t guarantee. Like delivery times due to natural occurrences. We’ll try hard to give you an estimate for everything.
Do you take international orders?
Of course! We could ship to anywhere in the world. For order outside Australia, please contact our Hong Kong office: .
 What do I do if my order hasn't shown up in the specified time?
Hold up for another 5 working days. If they still haven’t turned up, let us know. We’re trying as hard as we can to ensure your order is delivered, so rest assured, it’s getting there.
My order arrived and it's damaged! What now?
Make sure you contact our customer service as soon as possible to let us know what happened and we will help you along.
Can I cancel the order after order confirmation? 

Yes, you can cancel the order after the order confirmation but before the start of mass product. (Cancellation fees may apply)


Should you have other questions that we didn’t covered here, please email us on ; we will get back to you within 24 hours.



Sydney +61 2 9699 2485
Melbourne +61 3 9005 5588
Brisbane +61 7 3103 7346
Adelaide +61 8 7200 3165
Perth +61 8 6102 3576

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